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Standard Rate Sessions


Ian’s standard rate session can be any duration with any number of climbers (up to 6 maximum). They can be tailored to suit your needs or they can be part of a structured programme to work on weaknesses and develop strength and skills. They can either be indoors or outside. For indoor sessions wall entry is not included. For outdoor sessions please note the mileage rate though Ian is happy to car share to make things more economical if practical.


Weekends are ‘peak’ time and are often booked up well in advance so if you would like a weekend session please give as much notice as possible.



Training Plans


Training plans are a very cost effective way of hitting your goals for around a pound a day if you subscribe for subsequent months. The plans will be periodised based on current available knowledge and are guaranteed to improve your climbing if you follow them.


The biggest problem with training plans is generally people are too ambitious and consequently they fail to meet the targets set. However, Ian’s training plans are based on an initial discussion with you about how much time you have available to train and your goals. You will then be given a month plan, which will provide a straightforward set of targets that you can attain at the wall or crag, at the times that you agree you can climb. This could be for a half hour break in your lunchtime or a three-hour session on a Sunday afternoon. Or a combination - it’s whatever suits you.

Expert Witness Reports

Ian has undergone training with the BMC and is on their register of expert witnesses. Ian provides expert opinion in rock climbing including the design, installation, construction and management of all aspects relating to artifical climbing walls. Terms and conditions and fees are available by request.

Route Setting


Ian is available for route setting. With 47 years of climbing and knowledge of competition routes, combined with the fact he has been route setting on climbing walls since 1985, he has a huge amount of experience to bring interesting and creative routes to a climbing wall.  Ian has always been passionate about climbs, climbing well and having interesting and subtle movements he likes to think his routes and boulder problems show and reflect this creative side of his personality. Ian is particularly good at setting routes that test children without having long reaches on them and he is quite capable of setting any grade of climb up to 8a. Ian is also a provider of the BMC's Route Setting For Coaching Workshop.

BMC FUNdamentals of Climbing and Mountain Training Coaching Awards


Ian is a deliverer of The BMC FUNdamentals of Climbing Workshops and will happily provide these very successful coaching skills sessions for groups. The BMC organises and arranges the certification of these but if you want to have a workshop please contact Ian and he can arrange for one to take place. He has experience of delivering FUNdamentals 1, 2 and 3 and the Physical Training One workshops as well as The BMC Coaching Children workshop. Prices are available via The BMC though he is happy to arrange courses privately for you. Ian is also a provider of the Mountain Training Foundation and Development Coach Training and Assessments, please contact him for details.



Staff Coaching and Education


As a deliverer of The BMC FUNdamentals of Climbing Workshops Ian is experienced in providing workshops to help and assist those teaching climbing skills. Good teaching methods and techniques will make the quality of sessions more satisfying and fun for your climbing students to participate in. Staff coaching sessions can be tailored to the sessions you already provide or they can highlight new classes that you may wish to offer.